About Us

We at Buyer Mountain replace the hopes of getting a qualified buyer with the reality of seeing a curated list, updated weekly, of buyers prepared to discuss the purchase of your multi family property, our Buy Ready Buyers.


Gone are the days of hoping the real estate professional you have chosen to represent you in a sale has high caliber buyers ready to seriously discuss a sale.  Now, you can see for yourself active, serious investors, who have become registered with Buyer Mountain in hopes of securing one or more multi family properties to add to, or to begin, their portfolio.

Year 2020 presented a host of personal and financial challenges: unprecedented swings in the economy, tremendous numbers of investors are leaving the uncertainty of Wall Street, and the negligible returns on both savings accounts and certificates of deposit.  Seasoned investors, who may or may not have mastered the world of rental property ownership, are seeing multi family as an oasis of calm in an otherwise tumultuous investment landscape.


At Buyer Mountain we aim to bridge the gap between willing sellers and able buyers.

This does not replace or diminish the need for real estate professionals in every situation.  Many of the most capable buyers are working in conjunction with a seasoned multi family professional salesperson. That being said, seeing a concrete accounting of ready, willing and able Buy Ready Buyers gives apartment building owners an additional tool in their arsenal for completing a successful sale.

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