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Buyer Mountain is the state’s most comprehensive, public, accessible and user-friendly registry of buyers for multi family real estate.

You may know owners of apartment buildings that would be happy to entertain an offer from a substantial buyer, but won’t take the plunge and list their building for sale.

Multi family owners are often concerned about upsetting tenants by placing their building on the market. Listing and showing the property means risking their tenant’s peace and quiet; owners are concerned about losing tenants through the process. There is also the risk that many unqualified tire-kicker buyers will walk through, cause disruption, and ultimately not result in a successful transaction.

Remove the stress and disruption of publicly listing your clients building for sale if they are not ready.

Come to Buyer Mountain to quietly determine if a qualified buyer is available for their property. View our online listing of buyers, broken down by locations where they want to purchase, desired number of units, and budget.

We only list Buy Ready Buyers Рbuyers that are ready, willing and able to make a purchase.

We respect an agent’s relationship with their clients; whether you represent a buyer or a seller, your contact information is all we need to begin.

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Find buyers ready to purchase rental properties in the following areas:

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Please send us a message and we will contact you to learn more about your client’s investment interests and if the buyer you represent qualifies as a Buy Ready Buyer.