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Buyers with a profile on Buyer Mountain will be the first to know about multifamily properties for sale – often before they are available on the open market.

Feeling frustrated that either (a) there is little inventory, (b) the inventory seems picked over, or (c) the inventory is overpriced?

The reality is, unless you have a dedicated and experienced multi family real estate agent checking for you regularly, there is no one definitive spot on the internet to search for new, profitable inventory.

Do you know that properties with three or more units don’t typically show up in Zillow? 
The Multiple Listing Service (MLS) distributes single family homes, townhouses, condos, and most duplexes to all the retail sites (,, etc), but the same is not true for multi family properties with 3 or more units. Do you call around to agents asking about their advertised listings?
Many investors do this, but only become aware of properties for sale days or weeks after they become available. In addition, are the agents that you do work with calling you first when they become aware of a property for sale? Or are they calling you at all? Do you have an agent working hard on your behalf?
Most seasoned investment buyers choose to work with multiple agents in an attempt to have access to the most inventory, but doesn’t that mean you have given no incentive to any one agent to work hard on your behalf? Maybe agents only contact their richest buyers knowing that is the quickest path to a sale. Are you one of their richest clients? If you insist on a CAP rate of 8% or above, maybe the agents are calling their clients who just need someplace safe to park their money and aren’t concerned with the highest cash-on-cash return. With the tumult in the stock market and investment accounts offering such low returns, many investors are placing their money in apartment buildings simply as a safe haven, without the expectation of a high profit margin in the near term.

There is a path to being highlighted as a willing, able, and ready multi family investment buyer directly to sellers. That path is Buyer Mountain.

By creating a profile on Buyer Mountain and becoming one of their Buy Ready Buyers, sellers will be asked to contact you first, before they contact an agent to sell their property. Sellers can review your profile, and the profile of other investors, to see if there is a match prior to placing their apartment building on the open market.  Stand up and show yourself as a Buy Ready Buyer for sellers to contact first.

Profiles keep your particulars confidential.  Full names, contact info and other pertinent details are not shared without your permission, requested only after a Buyer Mountain representative confirms the sellers information and the property in question.

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