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Buyer Mountain is the place for sellers to quickly find Buy Ready Buyers – buyers ready to purchase rental properties in the Twin Cities.


Do a quick homework assignment (it’s easy – promise!!)
Try to find a rental property like yours for sale in the most popular real estate website in the US: Zillow.  Did you know that Zillow does not list or advertise multi family properties (except for the occasional duplex)? Search a little further and you will find many websites dedicated to rental property sales, but guess what? They each offer just a slice of the available inventory.

There is not one customer-focused web site where all multi family properties are listed.

How do you make sure that the largest number of buyers are seeing your property when it is for sale?  The truth is, buyers hunt and search for available inventory and contact multiple real estate professionals and websites, as no one dominant source exists.  This outdated and inefficient system may not give your property  the exposure it deserves at time of sale.

The solution: instead of hoping buyers will see your property in their search for investment properties – you can now contact buyers directly! Using Buyer Mountain skips the uncertainty of how will a buyer be located.

We expose sellers directly to Buy Ready Buyers – without the listing agreement, without any obligation to sell, or the confusion of which real estate agent to contact.

Access buyers directly at Buyer Mountain.

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